At Trancend, we believe that one of the most important and valuable assets on today’s balance sheet - a powerful and appealing brand.

We believe all well-managed brands have something in common — a central essence or an ideal that is based on authenticity and charisma. What makes them unique is a powerful idea that remain relevant and truthful yet captures the hearts and souls of both internal and external stakeholders.

Here is a snapshot of some of our recent brand interventions
Minera Group [click to learn more]

With over three decades of mining experience, Minera Group is a major player in mining, sponge iron steel, power generation, agriculture
and retail. Minera was formerly known as KMMI Steel Private Limited. The rebranding exercise with Trancend was commissioned because
of the changing stakeholder relationships that existed in this highly competitive global business. The project included developing a brand strategy, brand naming system, seamless brand architecture , brand identity & brand design language.

The new brand identity comprises seamlessly forging links and reflects the idea of a strong bond & consistent performance. It is a representation of the close ties between its many stakeholders - from customers and employees to investors, institutions and the society
at large.

The simple logotype has been handcrafted sans serif letterforms communicating strength & stature. The rich tones blues connotes stability, scale and source credibility and the green depicts optimism and resources.

Trancend is currently involved developing a brand strategy & naming for new category.

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KLF Nirmal [click to learn more]

A brand incepted by the legendary visionary, KL Francis sixty years back. Nirmal is a brand sourced directly from coconut farms in Kerala, skillfully selected, premium quality dried copra goes into making this pure coconut oil using a patented vacuum steam process. Nirmal today
is leader in several markets in India and Middle East and is exported to many parts of the world making them one of largest producers of pure coconut oil in the world. The category today has more 400 brands vying for the top spot, to reinforce its strength in the category and to explore new categories the rebranding exercise was commissioned with Trancend. This rebranding extensive exercise encompassed developing a brand strategy, new bottle & structure design for the range, new brand mark and packaging graphics for the cooking and hair care range.

The new identity uses a simple ellipse to showcase this pure product. The hand crafted Nirmal serif logotype conveys authenticity while depicting a high readability quotient. The category specific blue half tone conveys trust & credibility. The packaging master has many eye capturing signoff’s to make it stand out in a cluttered shelf. The produce of Kerala seal mark is a stamp of authority and conveys
source credibility.

Trancend is currently engaged to develop a new innovation in the personal care space. This includes brand strategy & naming for the
new range.

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Loiee Foods [click to learn more]

The brand is a leading chain of restaurants serving north Indian cuisine, sweets & savories in Chennai. The brand was formerly known as Sree Gupta Bhavan. The energetic top management has an endeavor to expand into several key cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kuala Lampur and Singapore. Trancend was commissioned to develop a brand strategy, naming & architecture system , brand identity & brand design language for Loiee Mithai & Rasoi and Loiee Express . Loiee in the near future plans to introduce a range of packaged snack food and bakery products marking their entry into the FMCG space.

The brand name has been inspired from Loiee Bazaar one of the oldest markets from the Mathura region where the founder belongs. The new identity embodies the “Kalpavriksha” the wish fulfilling tree from the rig veda. The colors red signifies energy and vitality. The serif type has been hand crafted and conveys stature and authenticity.

Trancend is engaged to develop the brand strategy & design for the snack food as well.

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